Repertorium Pomponianum
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Rome, Biblioteca Casanatense, Ms. 15

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The manuscript contains the poems of Tibullus, Propertius and Catullus. It is written by Pomponio and has display script in blue and gold epigraphic capitals that may be attributed to Bartolomeo Sanvito. Because of similarities in writing and ornamentation the Casanatense Ms. may be grouped with the volumes produced for Pomponio's pupil, Fabio Mazzatosta (BL Kings 32 and Sloane 777, BAV Vat. lat. 3264, 3279, 3875, 3285 and 3302; cp. Ruysschaert 1968, 275-76; Maddalo 1991, 47-86).

Description of manuscript

Material: parchment
Format: mm. 162 x 108 (c. 14)
Foliation: I-IV+109+V-VII
Origin: Rome
Date: 1469-71
Scribe: Pomponio Leto
Decoration: (ff. 13r and 82r) gold and white vine stem initials and borders. Originally the first page of the Tibullus section probably had similar decoration, but half of the page is now missing. Display script in blue and gold epigraphic capitals probably by Bartolomeo Sanvito.
Content: The poems of Tibullus (ff. 1ss), Propertius (ff. 13ss) and Catullus (ff. 82ss).
Bibliography: Manoscritti Casanatense 47-50. Muzzioli 1959, 344-47; Ruysschaert 1968, 275.
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